Crude sunflower oil import: Asian countries purchased 2,8 mln t from Poland in 2015

Ukraine has been a leading country among the world sunflower oil manufacturers for the last few years. Hence, in 2015-2016 MY its share accounted for 54% of the world total amount of the manufactured product. Asian countries, India and China in particular, purchase a significant part of crude sunflower oil. Ukrainian Biofuel Portal, prepared a database of Asian buyers which had been importing crude sunflower oil from Ukraine in the period of 2015 – second quarter of 2016. The database reflects a credible and relevant picture of the sunflower market.

2015 saw export of more than 3,87 Mt of crude sunflower oil

According to the database of Ukrainian crude sunflower oil importres (buyers), Ukraine exported 3,87 Million tons (Mt) of crude sunflower oil in the previous year. The buyers of sunflower oil were 265 companies from 47 countries of the world. The geography of purchasers is quite extensive; the countries from all continents are on the list of the importers. 10 of these countries are Asian ones and what is more important, it is them that basically define the structure of crude sunflower oil export from Ukraine. By way of example, it was only India and China that purchased 2,01 Mt, which accounted for 52% of the overall export volume. The biggest share was purchased by India – 1,39 Mt, while China bought 0,62 Mt. Malaysia became the third leading importer, with the imported volume of 0,25 Mt of Ukrainian crude sunflower oil.

1H 2016 saw export of 2,26 Mt of crude sunflower oil

In the corresponding period 205 companies from 46 countries of the world imported crude sunflower oil from Ukraine. Yet 14 countries from the list are related to Asia. The leading importing countries have still been India (0,71 Mt) and China (0,3 Mt). The third place goes to the Netherlands (0,26 Mt).

The importers showed the highest activity in June 2016, when the overall export value of crude sunflower oil was 0,42 Mt. In the first quarter of 2016 MY 1,09 Mt went for export, and in the second quarter – 1,17 Mt.

Up to 95-97% of sunflower oil in China manufactured in Ukraine

Ukraine supplies the huge Chinese market with the most of sunflower oil. This market has the same colossal prospective as the Indian one. The intergovernmental agreements which have been recently reached contribute to the development of the trade between the countries and the export of crude sunflower oil to these Asian countries in particular.

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